Digitize the planet

Digitize the Planet e.V.
The association for the "Digitization of the Rules for the Use of Nature"


We want to share, test and improve our first result with you!

If you manage a protected area or other space, come from a tourism background or represent a specialised authority, apply and take part in our evaluation phase. For more information and a contact form, click here:


We would like to report about the association and the current status of our work and would like to exchange ideas with you.

Next Steps


The next step will be to register with one percent for the planet . We rely on this organization to help raise funds. Outdooractive will become a pioneer for our association: The portal will donate a dedicated 1% of its revenue from Pro / Pro+ memberships to the association. We hope that more outdoor companies and manufacturers will follow this example.

We will hire additional staff if more contributions flow out of the pot of one percent for the planet and we see further membership


We love having new members!
We are also open to any suggestions and questions: