Digitize Dialog EN

Digitize Dialog

We would like to invite you to the dialogue!

With the recurring event "Digitize Dialog" we would like to exchange ideas with our partners, members and all who are interested. Through the event, we want to create awareness and inspire people to participate by showing ways in which all those involved in outdoor tourism can work together to find a way to reduce pressure on nature and the associated conflicts. It is important to us that there is an exchange with all stakeholders and a transparent presentation of the current work being done by the organization.

2. Digitize Dialog/international

After the first Digitize Dialog in German on September 23. the second "Digitize Dialog" will take place on November 10. Topics are the tasks we have set out to accomplish, the goals we have set out to achieve and the possible results that can be reached by digitizing the rules for using our natural environment.

Here you can register for the 2nd Digitize Dialog