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Digitize Dialogue

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With the recurring event "Digitize Dialog" we would like to exchange ideas with our partners, members and all who are interested. Through the event, we want to create awareness and inspire people to participate by showing ways in which all those involved in outdoor tourism can work together to find a way to reduce pressure on nature and the associated conflicts.

1. DIGITIZE Dialogue

The outdoors are booming, people seek access to nature for recreation and tourism purposes. A wide range of digital maps, platforms and routing services assist in finding outstanding tours.

Yet, quite a number of these do not take into account legislation and access restrictions especially of protected areas.

To date not database exists which collects all rules and regulations concerning the access of our natural environment. DIGITIZE the planet was founded to solve this challenge.

We invite you to be part of the solution. Please join us on November 10th via Zoom …

  • to learn more about the problems and challenges concerning the access of protected areas and the use of digital assistants
  • to understand possible solutions and the current structures of the market
  • to exchange your experience in general and especially during the past COVID 19-driven season
We are looking forward to meeting you online!

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