Digitize the planet

Digitize the Planet e.V.
The association for the "Digitization of the Rules for the Use of Nature"

Key aim of the association

We want to digitally process information that regulates interaction with nature and make it freely available as open data. This is an important prerequisite for establishing information on proper conduct whilst in nature and the outdoors.
The association has no financial goals. It will operate as a charity.

Outdoor activities are proving to be very popular, with more and more people being drawn to nature. Various online portals are providing digital information on routes and opportunities for experience and people are then using these trails for a variety of different activities. Conflicts arise when suggested routes are not compatible with existing regulations such as, for example, nature conservation.

The need for action became clear during the course of three round tables organized by BTE and Outdooractive. Data is required that represents both information on conservation and its legal foundations. This data must be structured in a geo-referenced form, compiled in a machine-readable manner, digitized and processed. This Open Data this could then be made available across all internet portals as a means of distributing it to users.

The task of making all this digital information available in the future will be taken over by our non-profit association. The aim is to create common standards whilst establishing partnerships with DMOs and protected areas to compile the urgently needed data. A full-time position was created for this purpose from 01.05.2020. The association is to be financed through membership fees, donations and funding, with Outdooractive also donating 1% of its earnings from its Pro / Pro+ memberships. Additional sponsorship should be created through participation in the “One Percent for the Planet” initiative.

Next Steps


The next step will be to register with one percent for the planet . We rely on this organization to help raise funds. Outdooractive will become a pioneer for our association: The portal will donate a dedicated 1% of its revenue from Pro / Pro+ memberships to the association. We hope that more outdoor companies and manufacturers will follow this example.

We will hire additional staff if more contributions flow out of the pot of one percent for the planet and we see further membership


We love having new members!
We are also open to any suggestions and questions: