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Digitize the Planet e.V.
The association for the "Digitization of the Rules for the Use of Nature"


Digitize the Planet continued the Digitize Dialogue and shared news from our non-profit start-up Digitize the Planet:

  • We are delighted to have received a prestigious funding agreement. This will allow us to implement on a large scale the approach we have developed to digitize and publish the rules for the use of nature: We have hired Dr Steffen Gebhardt, an accomplished programmer, and Jasmine Holfeld, an experienced tourism expert, to support our project manager Sebastian Sarx. In this new team we are more efficient and faster. Ms Holfeld and Dr Gebhardt will introduce themselves in the dialogue.
  • Dr Steffen Gebhardt has transformed our solution approach into a usable database of digitized information on more than 250 protected areas, which can now be managed. Based on this functional prototype, we will be able to advance the digitization of rules for the use of nature on a large scale.
  • We were able to welcome new members.



The work of the organisation so to date and our successes in digitising the rules and regulations for the use of the natural environment with the aim of making this information freely available as Open Data and thus creating the basis for appropriate, regularly compliant information, have convinced the DBU. It will support the work of the organisation for 24 months with a substantial grant.

In an initial pilot phase, we have already been able to digitise the rules for around 400,000 hectares of protected areas in 23 model regions and prove the practicality of our proposed solution.


We want to share, test and improve our first result with you!

If you manage a protected area or other space, come from a tourism background or represent a specialised authority, apply and take part in our evaluation phase. For more information and a contact form, click here:


We reported on the organisation and the current status of our work and shared ideas with you.

Next Steps

The support of the DBU now enables us to put our work on a broad basis. With the help of additional staff, we will record the rules for the use of nature for the majority of protected areas in Germany and make them available as Open Data.


We love having new members!
We are also open to any suggestions and questions: