Digitize the planet

2. Phase: Evaluation

We like to share our first result with you, test it and improve it!

In our pilot phase, we created a first mapping format for rules regarding use in nature. By working with our pilot partners, we have exchanged over 43 sets of rules from laws, ordinances and local agreements and digitised them for an area of over 4000 km².

We would like to evaluate, improve and disseminate this result in the second phase. It is also important for us to collect, make available and publish further important data in this phase. Together with our partners from tourism, nature conservation and administration, we are digitising sets of rules from the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to the large forests and low mountain ranges in Germany to the alpine regions in Austria and Slovenia.

more to follow...

We start with 25 pilot partners for the evaluation.

The first intermediate results will be presented at our 3rd DIGITIZE Dialogue in June. The evaluation will run for half a year from February. 

The result:

An optimised and generalised form for further technical processing.

Produce usability and effective use. 

Ensure international application. 

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