2. Digitize Dialog

With the recurring event „Digitize Dialog“ we would like to exchange ideas with our partners, members and all who are interested. Through the event, we want to create awareness and inspire people to participate by showing ways in which all those involved in outdoor tourism can work together to find a way to reduce pressure on nature and the associated conflicts. It is important to us that there is an exchange with all stakeholders and a transparent presentation of the current work being done by the organization.


More model regions will support us.

We are looking forward to more model regions with which we are working on the first data structure. Further regulations, sets of rules and experiences will be exchanged.

We are a non-profit partner of 1% for the Planet

Digitize the Planet is now a proud non-profit partner of 1% for the Planet family, a global movement that inspires businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual membership and everyday actions. We welcome every participant in the network to support this movement and our project.

New partnership with Thorsten Reitz

With Thorsten Reitz,  founder and CEO of Wetransform, the organisation was fortunate to win a strong partner. This cooperation will help us to design our data structure professionally and internationally right from the very beginning. He will assist us from early stages and will work with us on the first model regions and their data. Due to his own hobbies and the close cooperation with authorities on European and national level he also brings a lot of practical knowledge into our association. We are very pleased about this cooperation and cannot await that first data will be processed.

Foundation of the association

Since founding „Digitize the Planet“ on 05.03.2020 all formalities of the registration have been completed and the association has been confirmed as a charity. With Sebastian Sarx, the first full-time position in the association has been filled since May 2020 and the work around digitalization of  rules in the nature can begin. Sebastian studied geography in Bonn and Innsbruck focusing on sustainability and geodata during and after his master studies. He is also a passionate mountaineer and likes to help ensure that outdoor sports and nature conservation go hand in hand. He will support the association as a project manager and work closely with the board of executives to achieve the goals