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New members participate

We want to share, test and improve our first result with you!

If you manage a protected area or other space, come from a tourism background or represent a specialised authority, apply and take part in our evaluation phase. For more information and a contact form, click here:

2. DIGITIZE Dialogue


We used the second Digitize Dialogue to present and share the results of our first pilot phase with you. Through the cooperation with our pilot partners, we have exchanged and worked on laws, ordinances and local agreements. On this basis, we have given an outlook on the further work of the organisation and the upcoming evaluation phase of the results.

We are a non-profit partner of 1% for the Planet

Digitize the Planet is now a proud non-profit partner of 1% for the Planet family, a global movement that inspires businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual membership and everyday actions. We welcome every participant in the network to support this movement and our project.